Maja Strgar Kurecic
"I watch the world trough my camera and what I see is what I am".

Maja Strgar Kurečić

I work as an Associate Professor at Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, where I teach several graduate and undergraduate courses about photography. Area of my research relates to printing technology, digital photography and graphic design. I'm a member of the CIE Commission - Division 8, TC8-09 (International Commission on Illumination). Beside scientific work, I'm engaged in artistic photography, publishing many photographs in books, magazines, art calendars, posters. I have exhibited photographs on 46 group and 20 independent exhibitions, held in country and abroad. For my photographs I have won many prizes. I'm a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) and CPPA (Croatian Press Photographers Association).
PhD in Engineering Sciences, field of Graphic Technology, Digital photography, Faculty of Graphic Arts University of Zagreb, 2008
MSc in Information Science, Multimedia Systems, Web design, Faculty of Organization and Information Technology University of Zagreb, 2001
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Technology, Faculty of Graphic Arts University of Zagreb, 1996