13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Exhibition in Barcelona

October 7 - 26, 2019
FotoNostrum Gallery, Carrer de la Diputació 48, Barcelona
On October 7, opening of the group exhibition of award-winning photographs from 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award and 13th Pollux Awards was held at FotoNostrum gallery in Barcelona. For the exhibition the best photographs of award-winning authors was selected. My photo "Dreaming Escher" won in the Arhitecture category, in a professional section. Some of my other works get the Honorable Mentions: for series „Dancing Water“ in Abstract category, for photo „Through the Ice“ in Cell Phone category and for photo „Exhibition“ in Culture and Daily Life category.

On October 8, the Meeting with Artists was organized in the Gallery and later that evening the traditional Artist Dinner for the winners of the competition. This was a great opportunity to meet many interesting and talented authors and to make some new photo friends.