Other Worlds

Solo photography exhibition
February 18 - March 2, 2020
ULUPUH Gallery, Ilica 13, Zagreb, Croatia
Maja’s remarkable OTHER WORLDS are spaces of the magical and the fantastic; the surreal and the mystical. Spaces presenting the visions of micro and macro forms of the universe, the original patterns and archetypes. Yet, it is never possible to precisely identify their reality, tangibility and consistence, nor is it possible to precisely define their state of existence (the paradox of the eye that looks, but does not discern, and therefore creates the story), which endows everything with a creative revelatory dimension and enables a multi-layered hermeneutical attitude and full mental activation. Still, there is a possibility of a purely visual reading of the story. In these photographs – it is a story told by colour and light in the painterly language, in a refined manner of lyrical abstraction and abstract expressionism.

Višnja Slavica Gabout (exhibition curator)