Portrait of Croatia 2020

Group exhibition and monograph promotion
Mimara Museum, Zagreb, Croatia
February 29 - March 14, 2020
The second photo competition Portrait of Croatia 2020 organized by the Croatian Photographic Center in Zagreb received photographs from 128 authors with more than 800 submitted portraits. The best 50 portraits was exhibited at the Mimara Museum where the monograph ''Portraits of Croatia 2020 '' was promoted, featuring 89 authors with 136 portraits. According to Luka Mjeda, president of the Croatian Photography Center, it was not easy to choose these portraits among truly interesting and creative submitted works, and it was even harder to decide on the 50 portraits to be exhibited in Mimara. I exhibited portrait of my daughter Tea taken in 2013.

Selectors: Iva Körbler, Zvonimir Atletić, Luka Mjeda