Art Eco / Forest

Biennial ULUPUH exhibition on eco-design
1.6. – 15.6.2020.
ULUPUH Gallery, Ilica 13, Zagreb
Since 2014, a group biennial exhibition Art Eco has been held. And regardless of the fact that social awareness of ecology has been going on for half a century, the topic is becoming more and more actual as the world is increasingly stumbling over environmental problems. Awareness of the importance of forests (leaves and chlorophyll) on human survival, given the ravages of fire and the relentless deforestation of the Amazon rain forest, conscious people around the world are initiating mass afforestation, thus "patching" the lungs of our lives.
Open to all media of applied arts, the theme of the exhibition is broad, current and inspiring enough that the authors can dedicate themselves to it without being "illustrators" of curatorial ideas. Each presented work bears the hallmark of an author's manuscript and remains recognizable. What connects all the works, be it fashion, jewelry, ceramics, photography, land art, graphics, assembly, doll, caricature, photo-comic or installation, the starting motive is the same: environmental awareness spreads through art in an effort to contribute to the right values life.

Curator: Branka Hlevnjak