Blue - Women's perspectives

Group exhibition of 11 invited artists
20.10. - 31.10.2020. MSU, Zagreb, Croatia
What connects eleven different, authorial personalities in the exhibition entitled Blue - Women's Perspectives, which in the photographic and painting medium respond to the theme of blue (the color of countless phenomena and strong symbolism and associativity) is the gender view. A view of the world with an attitude, from a consciously female perspective. This means that the joint performance of these authors, despite all the authorial and handwritten contradictions, as well as explicit differences, has a common thread and common discourse here, connecting distinct artistic individuality into an unexpected whole and intriguing togetherness. In visual communication, consent and media conversation. In a contemporary game of challenging media interactions, where photographic and pictorial recordings, passing through refined emotional membranes, touch on the invisible boundary line between objective and subjective reality. Where these authors create their own special personal frame and a frame to their measure, building a reality in which perception and personal imagination are intertwined.

Višnja Slavica Gabout, from the exhibition catalog