Photo Essay Project 2010. - 2020. 

Invited lecture 14.11.2020.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
The lecture was supposed to be held in the cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art, but due to the new measures introduced to prevent Covid infection, the lecture was held online via zoom. My three former students also took part in the lecture and talked about their work.
In this invited lecture, I have presented the ten best photo essays created in the past ten years at the university graduate study of the Faculty of Graphic Arts as part of the project task "Photo essay".
As part of the project, students independently process a topic (or idea) and present it in the form of a photo essay with incorporated sound. In addition to the free theme, the use of various creative photographic techniques (time-lapse, stop-motion, light painting, double exposure, scanography, cinemagraph, etc.), as well as the use of appropriate software for photo processing and video production is allowed. In addition to the photographic techniques themselves, the use of other means of expression is encouraged, such as: video, animation, illustration, typography and graphic design. By intertwining different media and artistic disciplines, a specific interdisciplinary expression is achieved. But the base is always photography as the dominant means of expression.