photo: Luka Mjeda
As I work at Faculty of Graphic Arts University of Zagreb for over 20 years, I was a mentor of many students works; more than 70 master thesis, 16 student photography exhibitions and over 250 photo essays. I'm proud of my students, and I often stay in touch with them after they finis their studies and start to work.

Beside my work at the Faculty, I have also participated in several European cultural projects, and held many photographic workshops.

Here are some of my mentoring work....

Student photography and photo essay exhibitions, 2009 - 2022

Since 2009, I hold a course “Digital photography application in reproduction media” for students of the first year of graduate studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. As part of the course, students have the task to make the photo essay on a chosen topic. As a form of visual expression, the photo essay represents a very individual form of expressing ideas, thoughts and emotions. The main goal is to think of a series of photos that work together to communicate the message and to tell a story in a creative way.

Every year at the beginning of March, in the lobby of the Faculty of Graphics Arts, I organize an exhibition of the 10 best photo essays. Students participate in organizing and setting up an exhibition. They also design a poster, banner, and the exhibition catalog.

Techniques for animating still images, master thesis, Aneta Matica, 2017

Aneta's master thesis explores the techniques used for animating still images. Techniques that are presented in thesis are: lenticular photography, parallax photography, cinemagraph, time-lapse, hyper-lapse and stop-motion. Some of the listed techniques were tested and presented as a photo essay. An insight is also given into the creative process behind this photo essay project from planning and storyboard creation to the photo editing and animation process.

The Divine Wandering, photo essay, Carol Martos Zumbo, 2018

Carol was my Erasmus student from Madrid. For her final assignment she made a short film using different photographic, video and animation techniques in a very creative and innovative way. The film is about her generation lost in virtual social networks. It explores the ways of communication and building relationships, interacting with the society and with our surrounding.

Le Festival des étudiants francophones d'Europe centrale et orientale, 2017

Photography workshop for students from Europe held in Zagreb. The main objective of this workshop was to explore Zagreb through photography. Students were encouraged to experiment in order to develop their photographic eye through guided field shoots, practical assignments and group discussions and critiques. The result of this two days workshop was this video and photo exhibition. We also made postcards from best photos. 

In Public, In Particular (IPIP), 2015 - 2018

In Public, In Particular (IPIP) is European project which aims to develop and promote participatory art methods and situation specific art among European audiences. The main tools to reach these aims are audience research, public workshops and international street happenings which are carried through by artists and art students in close cooperation with street actors and the public of four European streets in Belgium, Ireland, Croatia and Finland.

I participated in the project with three photo workshops which I held in Finland and in Zagreb. One of these workshops was "Thoughts about happiness through the polaroid lenses". This workshop’s main goal was to establish contact with people on the street (passers - by) and to get some personal thoughts about happiness. To get unknown people to share their time and their intimate thoughts and engage in creative expression on the street, I offered them something back – the polaroid photo of themselves. So, I took two photos (portraits of participant) – participant could choose the one to keep, and the other to paste on the board and write some thoughts. I believe that the very act of taking and giving pictures as “souvenirs” can make participants happy.

The International Festival of New Film / Split Film Festival, 2015

Within the Special program of the Festival I held a Light Painting Workshop. The main objective was to learn about the light painting methods, through both lectures and practical application. Some of the fundamentals of light painting was explained: illuminating the subject in the dark, moving the light source aimed at the camera, and moving the camera with a static light source. A description of the required shooting equipment were provided, with the emphasis being placed on different types of light sources and the resulting effects. The shooting modes were analyzed using numerous examples, with ideas and tips for light painting during the practical section of the workshop.
The best photographs from the workshop were exhibited at the exhibition ″The Year of Light“, at Golden Gate Culture Center, Dioklecijanova 7, Split
More about the Split Film Festival:

Student photography exhibition on International Color Day, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, 2014 - 2020

Every year on 21 March, the Croatian Colour Society, together with University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Textile Technology, celebrate International Colour Day in the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla. This colorful event includes a scientific one‐day conference, exhibitions, interactive workshops, multimedia performances and other activities related to colour and light events.

For that occasion I prepare student photography exhibition. Every year I determine a topic related to the color. For the 2017 exhibition, the theme was: “Creative use of artificial light in photography”. I have encouraged students to use some non-standard and untypical light sources for studio photography. They used UV light in combination with UV colors, projectors - projecting images on the model or on the subject, and flashlights and color filters with extended exposure.