Escape Landscapes

This series arose from the Other Worlds series. The photographs were made in the same way and in the similar conditions. But here I do not referee to the vastness of the Universe. I wanted to capture abstract motives which are more ambiguous, and don’t necessarily look so much ‘like’ something specific. At the beginning I did not know exactly what I was doing, but the excitement that I felt told me to continue. My motivation (again) was curiosity and pure pleasure of creating images "out of nothing", i.e. from the water, paint and other liquids that came under my hand. I used a small glass bowl, and a natural light from the window and/or the light of a table lamp. I used Photoshop only to transfer photos from the raw format.

Like the photos from Other Worlds series, these photographs are very personal to me because they are my “escape landscapes” - places where I escape from everyday worries and realistic world. The work on both series was spontaneous, intuitive and often almost unconscious, so it was very liberating.
This is an project started in 2017. and finished in 2020.
"Escape Landscapes", GMV Herzer Palace, Varaždin, Croatia
"Escape Landscapes",Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia
"Escape Landscapes",Koprivnica City Museum, Koprivnica, Croatia
"Escape Landscapes",Virovitica City Museum, Pejacevic Castle, Croatia
2019. 14th JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AWARD, Honorable Mention, Abstract category, Professional selection for series