Dubrovnik - Lights and Darkness

"Throwing away the present pathos of inheritance, Maja Strgar Kurečić has gently and silently walked through Dubrovnik in some dreamy period of time, not trying to detect the final truth of that Gundulić´s and Držić´s town, but trying to retain along the way, a part of the space and time for herself. She searches for the lyrical and soft light, which focuses only on the margin, where we disappear in silence and speak with the stone together with the poets and romantic melancholic. And in that approach to stone, the art aspect of Maja´s photography is seen, photography which in its black and white appearance offers the luxury of chiaroscuro and reminds on the drama of baroque which runs through the streets, panoramas, stairs and walls of that old town. Stripped from all the darkroom tricks and various optical illusions, the photographs of Maja Strgar Kurečić testify that even with so called small motives, high level of art can be reached. Everything here is known, domestic and again somehow purified and brought into harmony which soothes and testifies of the seen beauty which is eternal…" text from exhibition catalogue written by Tonči Šitin

Scanned analog photographs from series “Dubrovnik - Lights and Darkness”. The series consists of 30 photographs.
1994. Dubrovnik, Croatia
Mimara Museum, Zagreb
Photo club gallery, Split
Croatia Airlines gallery, Dubrovnik

Curators: Feđa Vukić, Tonči Šitin
Juror's choice, best photograph at the Light and Shadow - curated international photography exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest

FUJI FRANCE PRESS AWARD, Winner in the category Black & white photography