During my numerous travels across Croatia while photographing our natural and cultural wonders and attractions I was intrigued with the motif of windows. A window is a “modest” motif which symbolizes the link between the inside and outside world, and in a rather discreet but unmistakable way tells the stories about its owners, its neighborhood, its present and past.

“Even when looked at from the outside, a window is still the inner space of a being. And the original chastity of window shapes is retained by Maja's firm and disciplined eye. In every bit of her precise frames, she has kept the innocent cosiness of her motifs – those small or large openings in wooden or stone walls of raw and open color eroded by wind and fog – but could not hide the painful clarity that this once complete world is now becoming ephemeral. Her eye’s sensitivity and culture, as well as her subtle artistic purism have given each window being its personality and elevated it to a state of consciousness, if not to a threshold of metaphor…” text from exhibition catalogue written by Ive Šimat Banov.

The series consists of 40 photographs.
1992. - 2002.
Klovićevi dvori gallery, Zagreb
Zlati ajngel gallery, Varaždin
Modern gallery Rijeka - Mali salon, Rijeka

Curators: Marina Viculin, Ive Šimat Banov, Biserka Smoljan Čerina