Floating Garden

I started the Floating Garden series in the summer of 2019. It all began with a single rose. The rose my daughter received for her 18th birthday. This rose prompted me to think about youth, beauty, transience… I wanted somehow to preserve it from decay, so without much planning and thinking, I put it in the water and iced it. After a while, it came to me how to shoot it in order to emphasize the delicate structure of the petals and maintain its natural color. In addition to rose petals, I began experimenting with other flowers, leaves, twigs, grasses, seeds - everything I would find in my garden. When I shoot, I pay a lot of attention to lighting and composition, frame, shapes, textures and colors. In this natural and delicate world around us I find an endless source of metaphors for life and transience of our human existence’s.
This is an ongoing project started in 2019.
PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris, Bronze in Nature category, Professional selection

2020 San Francisco Bay
International Photography Awards - Silver Award and Gallery Award

MIFA 2020 - Moscow International Foto Awards, SILVER in Fine Art Category / Still Life, Professional selection

15th JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AWARD, 1st place Winner, Nature category, Professional selection

13th Annual International Color Awards, Nominee in Abstract, Professional category

6th FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards, 3rd place winner, Nature, Professional category

TIFA 2019 - Tokyo International Foto Awards, GOLD in Nature Category, Professional selection